This process documents how new registrations are processed from when parents register their child on the Waiting List using the OSM Authenticator Plugin, to them being places in the appropriate Manor Waiting list.

Process Requirements:
Read/Write access to the Triage Waiting List
Knowledge of how to use Online Scout Manager

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1Log into OSM
2Select Triage from the Section Selecto
3Select Members
4Select Personal Details from the Members menuThis will display the list of people waiting to be triaged into a Manor Waiting List
5Select Display > Display Mode > Grid ViewThis displays the list of young people in an excel-like grid.

6Select the Post Code of the person you wish to Triage
7Copy it to the Clipboard (CTRL+C)
8Open the Find-Us page from the MKScouts website
9Paste the Post Code into the Search, and click Find Locations
10The Results will be displayed below the map
11Note the three nearest groups, and insert into the column ” Admin Suggested Group “
13Enter a Manor into the Other Groups Coloum
There are three Manors defined as follows:Northern Manor: North of H3 Monks Way
Western Manor: South of Monks Way, and West of the A5
Eastern Manor: South of Monks Way, and East of the A5
14Repeat for all entries in the Triage List
15The Manor is important as it determines which list the young person is transfered to next

Transfer Process

Transfering only relates to moving records out of Triage, and should NOTbe used from Waiting Lists to Sections.

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1Select Members to transfer
2Select Transfer from the Manage Menu
3Select the Manor List you are transfering too from the available sections
4Click the “Transfer Button”This may take a while if there a large number of members being shuffled.

Accepting Transfers

Accepting Transfers requires additional Read/Write access to the receiving Manor Waiting List

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1Switch to the Manor to Manage
2Click View on the Members widget on the Dashboard
3Select those who you wish to accept
4Click Accept Incoming
5These members are now part of teh Manor Waiting List

Further instructions on how Sections & Groups offer places will be added in the coming weeks